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Have you ever told yourself that you’re going to smash a workout and then – almost magically – its bedtime annnnnnnd you didn’t workout… Don’t beat yourself up, it happens to the best of us.

Hopefully this blog gives you a handful of ideas to get you back into it.

Statistically speaking, winter is one of the least active times of the year. Its cold, its dark and that snooze button is hit more times. The work days drag on and then afternoon workouts seem impossible. 1 missed workout turns into a handful and all of a sudden you’re getting a friendly text from us asking if you’re still alive. This is the vicious cycle to break.

Let me offer some advice.

Over my 7 years of being in this industry I have found when we book appointments with; Friends, classes or Personal Trainers we do our best not to let that person down. That commitment and telling someone you will be there at a specific time, MAKES YOU ACCOUNTABLE. No one wants to be known as that flake.

Please understand the workouts don’t have to be extreme, you simply must make the commitment, come in, tick the box, and get the body moving. 20mins on the treadmill is still 20mins of included exercise for the day.

Once you get a feel for the routine THEN you can start increasing your effort. If you plan on training hard, I suggest organizing the session the night before to avoid any head noise that tells you NOT to do (INSERT HARD EXERCISE) it.

This is where classes or PT can be more of an option. If you pay for a service, a professional will not let you slack off and do a boring session. You won’t have to spend time planning or avoiding specific exercises because we have already scheduled it in.

So do yourself a favour and message that gym buddy, book in your classes or text your PT. Stop hitting that snooze button, put the jumper on and get back on track. In no time it will start warming up, however your bad habits may continue to drag on.

It is now August, so review your 2021 Goal and remind yourself you only have 5 months left. Let’s help each other be the best version of our self.

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