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This class focuses on resistance exercises. Less “intense” than HIIT but still challenging in a different way. Strength & Conditioning focuses on weight training exercises that targets the whole body, learn how to lift weights with the right form, push yourself and get out of your comfort zone! This class will teach you the fundamentals to weight training that you can then transfer to the weight’s area in the gym.  Weight training is great to build muscle, burn fat and train hard.


Boxing is a fun, high energy class that is suited to all fitness levels. Bring a partner or we’ll pair up at class. This session will take you through some fun boxing combo’s to get your brain working and your heart racing plus some great body weight HIIT extras. Get ready to sweat, burn and have a whole lot of fun.


High Intensity Interval Training: This class involves Weights, Body weight, Speed and Agility exercises completed in short bursts for maximum intensity to improve overall fitness.  This class will have you working and when you leave, the endorphins will be up there.


A combination of all aspects of fitness in one solid workout.  Your muscles will burn and your heart will pump to get a full workout using a huge range of equipment in one convenient session.  Be prepared for the unknown as this class could take you through circuits, stations, APRAPS, superset, reps & more.  With a mix of cardio, strength and core you will be walking out knowing you have worked.


This class is low impact mat work and inspired by Pilates movements and strengthen exercises.  Learn how to correctly activate all elements of your core and enjoy a challenging and effective session to make sure your core is being well maintained and strengthen for all lifting, moving and functioning.  This class caters to all fitness levels as well as pre and post natal women.


This class is an all or nothing throw-down! You will combine Cardio, Strength and Core work to experience a full body workout. Expect to sweat and put in some hard work and maybe try some new exercises to take you out of your comfort zone and get your ready to roll for the weekend.  You never know if it will be solo, pairs or teamwork for a bootcamp session but you are sure to sweat, burn, giggle and get ready for your weekend ahead.


Yin Yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held posses.  It targets deep tissues of the body with slow placed movements and focused breath techniques and will have you feeling relaxed, stretched and calm. 

Cardio & Core

A fun and energetic class targeting all things core & cardio.  This sessions targets your cardio vascular health whilst strengthening thru your core.  This combo class is sure to improve strength, co-ordination and prove that “cardio is not hardio”

Booking Essentials: Bring your towel | Bring your own yoga mat

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