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Consistency and attitude get results

Imagine what we can achieve when we combine consistency with a good attitude!

Our lives tend to get busier and more stressful, and the older we get the more we seem to jam pack into our days! 

For me it’s all about consistency and making sure I check my attitude. 

Attitude is how you react to a situation. You can’t always change the stress or situation but you can change or adjust the way you react to it. ie its pouring rain, you didn’t get the washing off the line. You can choose to be grumpy and peeved about it or grateful because now you don’t have to fold it and do the ironing today 😊

A personal example for me was I trained in a great gym on the coast while on holidays.  While doing my sumo deadlifts a loud obnoxious man with the words Personal Trainer on his singlet started verbally pulling apart the sumo lift to his client and actually said “its for sooks “even though the client hadn’t asked about sumo and was deadlifting pretty much beside me but in conventional style. 

I was in a strange gym, training on my own and doing so quietly, as is my way.

 I could’ve spoken up and asked if he was having a go at me or I could’ve even called him on the wrong information he was giving his client who were  both were men by the way. 

Instead, I kept my head down and steadily went up in weight, quietly doing sets of 5 on what both men were grunting on for 1’s. 

After then hearing “Personal Trainer” say, “Actually I don’t really know much about the sumo except it’s easier than conventional” ……. 

I switched to conventional.

The conversation between the men ended, a potential confrontation was avoided and hopefully Personal Trainer learnt something beside manners. 

I couldn’t change the fact he was being rude so I simply adjusted my attitude from being pissed off to putting more effort into my training and having some fun 😊 

Consistency is repetition.  Something you do on a regular basis. 

Every Friday after school I take the kids somewhere of their choosing for afternoon tea, its something we have always done and the kids call it “Fun Friday.”

Maybe you swim or run or group fitness 3 days a week every week without fail. Maybe you ring your parents or best friend every Friday  without fail. Maybe you wash the car and mow the lawns every Sunday without fail, those are all examples of consistency. 

Imagine what we can achieve when we combine consistency with a good attitude!

I’ll be writing regular blogs, so let me know what YOU want to hear about – we can’t wait to see you in the gym!

Cass – SPF Club Manager

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