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Todays blog is purely an affirmation to tell you to “keep your head down and don’t get distracted by outside noise”.

We live in a world with where people no longer believe experts because XYZ said so. The fitness industry is currently taken over by a huge influx of fit and healthy influencers, not experts. I purely believe that as a society we have flicked a switch and believe people that LOOK GOOD instead of experts that know better. It’s such a tricky spot to be in as a client. Do you listen to the Local personal trainer or do you listen to your acquaintance or influencer who may be in better shape?

However, what you fail to see there is the HOURS that person has probably spent with a real expert (Coach). Although they may be pretty to look at, you have zero idea of what is going on in the background and just follow what these influencers preach. However, I’m not just taking the piss out of influencers here, we have the same issue with FB/TikTok Doctors who tell you to drink more lemon or remove XYZ from your diet.

My point is, there are many ways to be lead astray, and believing in someone whom you’ve never met before is definitely one of those ways.

Injuries, allergies, work rosters, kids, hormone issues, diseases, financials, schedules, mental health, physical health all of these things need to be considered prior to just diving into a strangers “GUIDE” to getting fit and healthy.

A 1 on 1 meeting with an expert (Personal trainer, online coach, nutritionist, Doctor etc) is always going to be beneficial IF you find the right person who you believe in and they believe in you. Our fitness and health journeys are all little science experiments and you need to find what is going to be your x factor. A TikTok is not going to give you that answer.

It’s all going to come down to what consistently works for you.

Consistency will always be the key to your progress, regardless of goals.

Performance goal – Progressively overloading and de-loading correctly. Eat to fuel!

Weight loss goal – Energy deficit. Burn more than you consume. Eat your protein

Muscle gain – Energy Surplus. Consume more than you burn. Eat your protein

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