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Goal Setting

compare you to you. Never compare yourself to anyone else.

Goal setting

What’s up SPF Team! This month’s blog topic is about helping you set up realistic goals. With the current state of social media and constant online challenges I feel like we are ALWAYS seeing people lose Bodyfat. Although this is fantastic for them, it can sometimes be disheartening for others. What you need to understand is that no two humans will achieve the exact same results. There are countless different factors that come into play with body transformations, and even if two people were to follow the exact same training and nutrition plan there is no guarantee that both parties will achieve the exact same results. Some of these factors include; stress, hydration, NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), sleep, self-restraint.

I find with goal setting we get so locked in with a specific end result that we tend forget the journey and appreciate the little wins. Weight loss SHOULD NEVER BE the only set goal. Our weight on the scale is literally just telling you what your relationship with gravity is. I have been 105 kgs (16% Body fat) and 103 kgs (21% BF) and if we looked at a photo of the two, I would happily tell you that when I was 105kgs I: looked better, felt better, performed better. My point of this little story is just to tell you that unless you are looking at fat mass vs muscle mass, weight should not be the only important goal in mind.

Our body goes through so many different positive changes when we begin to make small changes in our lifestyles, these should be our focus points. Trackable changes are key to staying motivated over long periods of time. My top 5 things to track are as follows.

  1. BODY SCANS – This simple 5min scan will give you SO MUCH MORE than just your weight. This gives you a reading on; Visceral fat level, Body fat %, Fat mass, and many more. With all of this information you can regularly compare your results.
  2. Photos – The simplest and quickest way to see your physical changes. A photo every 4-6 weeks will give you ample pictures to compare. Show these photos to trusted friends or family members and get them to point out the differences. What’s unfortunate about self-comparisons are that we will ALWAYS be our own harshest critic, so get your friends to remind you how beautiful you truly are.
  3. Measurements – Grab a measuring tape and measure 5 points of your body and track the differences in cm’s. Body parts include: Belly, Chest, Bum, Thighs, Arms.
  4. Diary – Log your feelings. Energy, Temperament, Sleep, Relationships, Aches and pains.
  5. Performance – One of the most underrated and underused tracking point. How much, Stronger, Fitter and flexible have you gotten?

My point of this blog was to help those looking for results. There is a fair chance you have achieved them, but you may be concentrating on the wrong ones. Enjoy looking after your body and mind and take the little wins. Stay healthy and happy everyone.

Please remember to compare you to you. Never compare yourself to anyone else. No two humans are exactly the same.

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