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Planning your binges

Ladies and gentlemen, Winter is officially here. Over my past 6 years as a personal trainer, I have learnt a few things.

  1. Cold mornings generally lead to less workouts. You are warm in your 3 big cuddly blankets, and you’ve “accidentally” hit the snooze button 3 times…
  2. Those who workout outdoors are limited EVEN more, and I recommend find a gym or alternate. Early wake ups and continuous cold mornings will make you more prone to getting ill.
  3. We are WAY more lenient with our Diet choices.

Topic 3 will be the main point of this blog.

I’ve found through myself and clients that our diets are generally linear with our training. When our training is great, we feel motivated and diet is on point. The opposite is also the case. When our training is limited or nonexistent, our diets are trash (or not the point of focus).

*This is not the case for everyone, it is just something I have noticed.

My nutritional advice is to just to start to be more sensible leading up to your binges.

Here is an example.

June 19th is Stadium’s 1st Birthday Family Fun Day…. And I know for a fact, I will be enjoying almost every drink, nibblies, treats & cake I can get my hands on. There will be lots of prizes, smiles and memories shared. I am not going to let my diet get in the way of having a good time on that night… NOTE: THAT DAY.

Because I know I’m going to binge Saturday, in the lead up to that party I will be on my best behavior. I won’t be snacking, consuming liquid calories and following my nutrition plan perfectly in the lead up. In a perfect world, realistically I would even consume slightly LESS calories than normal to balance out my binge. Balance, balance, balance.

You shouldn’t have to be that person at a party or celebration where you cant enjoy wonder food and drinks. What you should do however, is not be so gluttonous in the lead up. Gluttony is the death of your fat loss goals. Be sensible in the lead up to celebrations, and then enjoy the night. If you end up overdoing it (which I know I will), you will see me doing some extra workouts to balance out the over consumption of calories.

Balance, balance, balance.

This link is a 3min video, feel free to head to my Facebook page and get further educated on the topic.

Hopefully I see you June 19th at our Family Fun Dat to celebrate our 1st birthday of this wonderful gym. Remember the most successful people will find a balance between sacrifices, discipline and fun.

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