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The extreme frustration that comes from regularly checking the scales can turn some people insane. You have a fantastic day with food, exercise more than normal, check the scales the next day annnnnd you’re 2kgs up. WHYYYYYYYYYYY.

Reasons why scales fluctuate (everyday)

Here is why.

There is usually always a good explanation for this. This can vary from the amount of water you consumed the afternoon before, your activity level, the amount of salt you had in your meals/condiments, the food you ate (up to) 2 days ago, how recovered you are, or even what your hormones are doing. All these factors are why there is such a day-to-day fluctuation.

This is why its important to add some consistency to how you check your weight. Whether you check in weekly or daily (I recommend weekly) you MUST follow these rules:

  1. Check in after you wake up, do not check the scales in the evening or after you’ve consumed food and water for the day.
  2. Go to the bathroom prior
  3. Wear the same type of clothing/footwear (or be naked… preferably at home and not in the gym though…

Following these 3 rules will allow you to get a super accurate and consistent reading every check in.

*Another thing to note, for women around the week of your period it is natural for you to 1-2kgs heavier due to water retention etc.

Now, when you jump on the scales if the number is not what you wanted or expected it to be PLEASE check over all of these points mentioned above and find the reason.

The mental pressure the scales usually play is so unhealthy. I honestly do not recommend weighing every single day for all said reasons. From experience over the years I find for insecure people, generally this increase of scale weight can send people into a downwards spiral. For your mental health, DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF.

This journey is just as much mental as it is physical. Surround yourself with the right people, the right knowledge and lets keep on improving.

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